Suffering is conflict between our conscious desire and subconscious intention.

-Dr V. Sinelnikov

Sound Yoga

There are many ways to deal with stress in times of crisis and many ways to work on the transformation of our negative karma before it manifests itself. The most effective technique available nowadays is Sound Yoga.

Practising Sound Yoga for 15 minutes a day can allow you to get in touch with your subconscious by singing different sounds in particular ways. These techniques are not physically demanding and take up to a month to learn, so can be used by almost anyone.

Once mastered, Sound Yoga techniques can be combined with the deep meditations presented in the Practical Spirituality Course to help remove the negative influences of certain planets, solve karmic problems and help one progress along the evolutionary path (please see the detailed course descriptions for more information).

These meditations are based on Shamanic, Raja and Tantra Yoga techniques. Thousands of people have benefited from learning them; beginners can expect them to take two years to master. However, if you would like to speed up your progress, individual sessions are available via Skype. Please email tarapine@sudomail.com for arrangements.

My journey as a Psychic and an Energy Therapist began over 30 years ago and led me to Herman Minkin, who became my Teacher and Mentor for the last few years.

I apply unique methods of working with chakras and channels developed by Aharata School led by Guru Var Avera. The lineage of this School goes down to Pharaohs of Egypt.

During individual consultations I help people to balance their subtle body energy flow by removing the adverse projections we all acquire thought our lives. Consultations can be done in person, via skype or through instantgo.

I also deliver psychic readings for those who are interested. Please visit my youtube channel Tara Pine for more.