Individual Consultations

Energy Therapy Consultations

Tara Pine is an energy therapist with over 20 years of experience. She can look into all types of issues. Her consultations via skype or phone are available to book for $60.00 for a 40 minute session. Please email or visit instantgo for booking and more information.

Black Moon Consultations

It is a well known view that the material world around us is a manifestation of the collective subconscious of human beings. In this light every material object out there is somehow connected to our individual mind.

At the moment of birth, more precisely the moment we draw in our first breath, celestial bodies occupy particular positions in the sky.

This is considered to be an imprint of our psyche and by analyzing it in the correct way we can source valuable information about active and passive programs present in our subconscious.


The so-called Black Moon position is of particular interest here as it points out our weaknesses and thus identifies the challenges we can expect to come across in this incarnation.

It indicates our potential problems depending on which house of our natal chart it falls in. For example if my Black Moon is in Pisces my life will never cease to challenge me with various problems as this is twelfth, and last, house of horoscope and the Black Moon turns it into the Zodiac’s sewer. Taking into account the positions of the other planets of the Solar System in my natal chart will indicate what types of challenges are more likely to arise. On the other, hand this position of Black Moon indicates that there is a good chance for me to acquire full liberation in this very incarnation providing I rise up to the occasion.

This extremely helpful information helps us indicate the potential pitfalls of our life journey and be fully prepared for them. It also makes it possible to remedy some issues before they manifest themselves.

Please email to book your consultation or for more information. Please allow a two week wait for the booking.