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After mastering the techniques taught in this course you will:


  • Learn how to self diagnose low energy, muscle tension zones prone to illness in your own body.
  • Learn how to send sound vibrations into particular parts of your body.
  • Learn how to make your body light and energised by purifying and tuning sound vibrations.
  • Learn how to find the locations of stressful emotions in your body and kick them out with a sound wave.
  • Be able to enter into an altered state of consciousness.
  • Learn how to understand the seriousness of the intentions of your interlocutor and to speak in a way that means your voice can't be ignored.
  • Have no fear of public speaking. You will become a master of your voice, and be able to transmit your emotions to the public like the legendary singer, Shalyapin, did.
  • Be able to use Sound Yoga to tune and energise the body, increase its vitality and sexuality, and bring back a desire to live.
  • Reach a new level of practice in meditation and chanting (if you already do so), involving your whole body and feeling like every cell of it is benefiting from such practice.
  • Learn how to send sound impact through the limbs, which improves attack and defence (this is specifically for those practising martial arts). Have you heard about Eastern Masters in command of their inner energy? Even inveterate sceptics will start feeling something bigger than just their physical body after 1-2 weeks of practicing Sound Yoga.
  • Become a master of medium range vibrations of your own voice, and learn how these can resolve various psychosomatic and psychological problems as your body starts resonating with the harmonious vibrations of the earth.
  • Become a master of low vibrations, allowing vitalisation of bone marrow cells, thus strengthening immune system. Sound Yoga is the only known way of massaging bones.
  • Become a more wholesome, balanced person after setting every part of your body to a single biorhythm.


This course costs £55.00 for the 4 lessons.

Please email for more information or to purchase the course.

Sound waves

Sound Yoga Video Course

Sound Yoga is based on the principle that every part of our body is directly connected to our subconscious. By sending sounds of different ranges to the various parts of our body in a certain way, we can get in touch with our subconscious, restore the energy flow in our organs and deal with destructive programs in our mind.


This course consists of four 15 - 25 minute videos by Anton Poddubny that introduce his Sound Yoga techniques and thier applications.